John M. Swigart Strength Center

The newly renovated John M. Swigart fitness center.

















The John M. Swigart Strength Center, which completed its second renovation in January of 2012, is a fully equipped 4000-square foot facility for all students, faculty, staff, and emeriti. With the opening of the adjoining Ruth W. & A. Morris Williams, Jr. Fitness Center in the Scot Center, the Swigart Strength Center has been transformed into a venue for those looking for more weight lifting options. The room is equipped with 10 Pro Series Half Cages with designated drop zones, where Olympic lifts can be performed safely. There are also many other plate-loaded and pin-select machines, as well as utility benches, dumbbells (5-to-125 lbs.), resistance bands, medicine and stability balls, kettlebells, and jump boxes.

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Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: Noon - 8 p.m.


THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES APPLY TO ALL USERS: Students, Faculty, Staff, Emeriti, and spouses, domestic partners, or legal dependents of The College of Wooster Faculty and Staff.

  • All users need to present a card to the monitor to swipe for entrance into facility.
  • All users should move weights from the racks to the bar only. Users should never set plates on the floor or lean them against equipment or walls. Users should rack weights in proper order on racks or weight trees and should return dumbbells to the rack in the proper order. Users should not drop or throw weights or dumbbells.
  • Hooks and Catch Bars should not be leaned against racks or walls. Place them on the ground when not in use and replace the Hooks to position 12 and the Catch Bar to position 4 after use.
  • Bumper plates are required for all power exercises and should be racked in order after use.
  • Locks are to be used at all times on the ends of barbells.
  • Weight belts must not be worn when belt come in contact with equipment upholstery.
  • Weight belts are only worn on the waist and are not to be used for any other purpose.
  • No shoes are allowed in contact with equipment upholstery. Use plyo boxes for stepping exercises.
  • The strength center requires concentration: horseplay, loud or offensive language, or temper tantrums are not permitted and will result in immediate expulsion.
  • All users should use spotters for exercises the place the bar on the back or front shoulders and exercises that involve a bar or dumbbell moving over the face or above the head.
  • Absolutely NO CHALK is permitted.
  • Athletic tape is not allowed to be used on any piece of equipment.
  • All users should spray and wipe down equipment after each use.
  • Food or drinks, with the exception of plastic water bottles, are not permitted. Water bottles are not to be set on upholstery or equipment.
  • All users should wear proper training attire at all times. Proper athletic shoes must be worn. 
  • No open-toed sandals, five-finger shoes, or going barefoot.
  • No coats, bags, backpacks, etc are permitted.  Please store all items in storage cubby in the stairwell outside or by doors.
  • Jewelry such as loose necklaces, bracelets, hanging earrings, and watches are not to be worn.
  • Users are not permitted to use cell phones in the Swigart Strength Center.
  • Temperature and music are controlled by Swigart Staff.
  • Swigart Staff is not responsible for users’ personal belongings or lost or stolen items.