Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

2018 W Association Hall of Fame Inductees

Wooster's most recent inductees (from left-to-right): Row 1: Nicole Pritchard '04, Jason Kelley '93, Jason Weiner '91, James Cooper '08; Row 2: Luci (Day) Scott '94, Dr. Ellen J. Hunter '99; Row 3: Elizabeth Whittam '05, Kathryn Wieferich '07; Row 4: Andrew DeBord '05, J. Richard "Rick" Drushal Jr. '07.


Nomination Form

If you know of a worthy candidate that meets the criteria listed below, please fill out a nomination form. Nominations are due Jan. 1 each year. Nominations received after Jan. 1 will roll into the next year's nominating cycle.

Purpose of the W Association Hall of Fame

To recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of intercollegiate athletics at the College of Wooster, either by virtue of their performance on athletic teams representing the College, or by meritorious efforts on behalf of the athletic program at the College.

Eligibility Criteria for Induction

  • If being considered for athletic accomplishments, the nominee should have performed at an exemplary level. If being considered for coaching or athletic administrator accomplishments, the nominee should have spent the major part of his/her career at The College of Wooster. If a student-athlete, the nominee's class must be out of college at least 10 years. To be considered for induction in the first year of eligibility, the nominee should have been extraordinary among all College of Wooster athletes.
  • The nominee must have been as a student, and continue to be, of good character.
  • The nominee does not have to be a graduate of The College of Wooster.
  • A nominee may be selected posthumously.
  • Current W Association board members are not eligible for induction.